Monday, March 11, 2013

Floral Jeans

DSC_0281 (2)


{Leather sleeve bomber jacket - WeSC; Floral pants - Motel; Velvet booties - Alloy}

Just got through one of the hardest midterm weeks of my life, and now it's spring break baby whooo! Slash - it's not really going to be anything to whoo about. I napped for 3 hours today after sleeping 13 hours last night.

Anyways, I finally got myself some Motel Jordan jeans because they're kind of a cult classic. Went with kind of a crazy print. Don't know if it's something I'd wear to school (might be too distracting during class), but I'm definitely wearing them to go out to the bar with some friends tonight. (And it's only a Monday! Yay!)


Elaine Chan said...

Missed your outfits girl!

Mei めい said...

love your floral pants! :))

Sujala Newar said...

The pants are amazing! love.
Check out the new post on my blog.:)

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...


This is real and This is me

Istvanffy Emma said...

love the pants!
Emma xx

raleve jesica said...

It looks great and unique.The most attractive feature is its color, very good lookng!I like leather jackets on, they are just what I want, I like its feeling, quality and high value.

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

Floral jeans are my favorite! This pair will be so perfect for fall!

Xo, Hannah

wholesalesarongblog said...

Your floral jeans looks awesome. I love it.I also love the boots. Keep on posting fashionable outfits.